October 2014 Publisher's Note

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy some of the “Best Of” stories in this great issue.

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September 2014 Publisher's Note

The second annual Maine Seniors Day...and what do we do? Answer: Anything we want to do!

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Summer 2014 Publisher's Note

The car I am seated in here is a 1958 Edsel. You can read more about it in Katy’s Chronicles where Katy Perry writes about “Antique Cars”. She accurately suggests that “all of us treasure some part of the past” so it may not be as much about the cars. Or is it?

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June 2014 Publisher's Note

"In the good old summertime, in the good old summertime.” What could be a greatercombination to kick off summer than music and ice cream!Remember how in the Music Man Harold Hill taught the school board to sing “Ice Cream/Sincere” as a barbershop quartet? “Ice… Cream!”

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May 2014 Publisher's Note

Welcome to our Women of Influence and Mother’s Day Issue. In our first Prime Mover story, we take an inside look at Ann LePage, the First Lady of Maine. Read about Ann’s passion for seniors and our veterans. You will also read about Ann’s mother Rita DeRosby, who lives at the Blaine House, too.

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