Residential Review

Our Residential Review section provides an indepth look at some of the state's retirement communities. Each review gives you residents' stories, a written "tour" of the facilities, and more beautiful photographs than we have room to print!

Penobscot Shores

Retirement. From the first day of your first job, retirement seems as distant as the moon. Suddenly, it seems, it’s on the horizon and you begin to wonder if you are ready, what you can afford, or what type of retirement living situation best fits your personal interests.

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Parker Ridge

What a treasure . . . a small village on the coast of Maine that has every day-to-day service you need plus some striking surprises: Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival concerts, the Marine Environmental Research Institute, the Blue Hill Food Co-op, and the renowned Blue Hill Fair are just a few. Model organizations such as the Blue Hill Library and Blue Hill Memorial Hospital are the pride of our town.

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