May 2016 Publisher's Note

In May we celebrate Mother’s Day and in this issue we pay a special tribute to Women of Influence.

As Dr. Len Kaye points out in his column, Sage Lens, the role of women is both the glue of our families and communities, and now more than ever, they hold leadership roles in our communities, too!

One woman of influence worthy of note is Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. She was cautiously reluctant to participate with MAINE SENIORS Magazine because she did not want any publicity for herself, yet she did for her cause, Goodwill Industries of Northern New England.

Anne chose to come to Maine and like so many others, she found herself keeping busy by following her passion. As she states in the story, “I feel fortunate that even though I had moved to Maine to retire, I was lucky enough to find this job (Executive Director of Goodwill Industries of Northern New England). Right before I accepted the position, I told the recruiter that I would be interested, but I was almost 64 years old—surely they’re not interested. The recruiter said to me, ‘We’re not afraid of seniors in Maine’. I really loved that statement and that attitude energizes me.”—Anne, it energizes all of us!

A great, great niece of President Theodore Roosevelt and granddaughter of Eleanor and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Anne shares that Eleanor was a great inspiration to her… and as the picture of the two Presidents shows at the beginning of her story—hats off to Anne!

In addition to women being the primary reason that Maine has one of the highest volunteer rates in the nation, they also outlive men by a few years, and ultimately are responsible for much of Maine’s philanthropy.

This issue is a salute to all of Maine’s female senior partners!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher