September 2016 Publisher's Note

In Maine, the second Saturday of each September is Maine Seniors Day! 

When we were all in high school as freshmen, sophomores or juniors, we knew that when we became seniors, that this was an accomplishment worthy of distinction. We also knew in the workplace that a senior partner was one who had earned some credentials, with years of experience, and with that, the commensurate wisdom and power. This is “senior power”.

Please read the column Sage Lens, where Len Kaye shares with us the economic significance of our seniors and you will see why we refer to senior power as Maine’s greatest natural resource.

At Maine Seniors Magazine we know the value of our seniors and celebrate it every day… although, we wanted a special day to honor the contributions of all of Maine’s seniors. This is why our staff worked with our legislature and Governor LePage to create Maine Seniors Day.

This year, we have a special promotion in honor of Maine Seniors Day: the Maine Seniors Magazine Essay Contest. We encourage everyone to consider writing a 200 to 350 word essay about a senior worthy of being a Prime Mover in Maine Seniors Magazine. Do you have a favorite grandparent, aunt, uncle, parent friend, or co-worker who is senior in your life, whom you believe should be considered a “Prime Mover”? Please share with us a story about an inspirational senior, who exemplifies what it truly means to be “senior partner”.

MSM will contact the folks with the top 3 essays for inclusion in future issues of Maine Seniors Magazine. Plus, each entry will receive a free subscription to the magazine, for a senior of their choice.

A big thank you to all of our Senior Partners!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher