October 2016 Publisher's Note

Political intensity is everywhere!

I am sure that many of you agree that the cult-like adhesion to a political party or a “progressive” or “conservative” ideology can actually be a hindrance to good public policy.

In the frenzy of the political season, facts seem to be of little importance, even to the news media. President Obama will leave office with inner city poverty, crime and racial tensions as high as anytime in recent history. Truth or hype? Both leading Presidential candidates, Clinton and Trump, have poor rankings in likeability and trustworthiness… and even the news media has the lowest trustworthiness ratings ever.

Now let’s put some of this in historical perspective.

Read about Jim McGregor, a reporter for United Press International in the 1960’s, who would get threatening phone calls late at night from the Ku Klux Clan about articles he had written about the Civil Rights struggle. While covering the Selma-to-Montgomery Civil Rights March, Jim had met Governor George C. Wallace of Alabama. Wallace called Jim “a lying left wing liberal”. In later years, Jim ran a successful campaign for Maine’s first Independent (and Irish Catholic) Governor James B. Longley.

Also read about Richard and Helen Dudman. Richard worked for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as the Washington D.C. Chief correspondent and he managed to get himself on President Richard Nixon’s enemies list. He began his career covering the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, and on his last day as bureau chief, he covered the assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan. Richard’s wife Helen was the first female Editor at the Washington Post. She took her love of media and Richard and established media businesses in Maine.

Another must read is our October “Special” story. It is both about the physical and metaphysical with a look at a gifted Maine psychic and “Ghostbuster”, Eddita Felt. Eddita is a spiritualist, psychic, medium and paranormal investigator. Now you know the answer to “Who are you going to call?”

October would not be complete without a tasty pumpkin treat! Check out two pumpkin treats in our Food for Thought column.

Thank you to all of our senior partners and please enjoy this issue of MAINE SENIORS Magazine.


—David S. Nealley, Publisher