March 2014 Publisher's Note

David S. Nealley, Publisher, Maine Seniors Magazine

Maine is one of the most heavily forested states in the nation with an abundance of natural resources. We are known for an expansive coastline, lobsters, the “LLBean-like" lifestyle, our great outdoors, and the small town “feeling of community”; all of which have enriched our lives here. Given the fact that we have one of the lowest crime rates in the nation and great health care and other retirement assets, no wonder semi-retired andretired folks choose Maine as a place to call home. In addition, most of us who already live here, prefer to stay put . . . exempting a few months in our long Maine winters.

In this issue of MAINE SENIORS, Dr Len Kaye, the Director of the Center on Aging with the University of Maine, states “the fact that Maine is both the oldest state in the nation and has the largest proportion of citizens fifty years of age and older is seen in some circles as being a plus. Imagine that!” In his column Sage Lens, he concludes,“move over wind power, here comes senior power, the next natural resource about to be harnessed.” This great premise is the very foundation of this magazine.

We all agree that the word senior, as in senior partner, is a distinction of superior value. Yet somehow our culture at large, suggests that the whole aging issue . . . and all that comes with it, is somewhat of a lesser value than the virtues of youth. Maybe some of it is our fault because so many of us are reluctant to proudly admit that we are senior partners among our citizenry. Is it really more “cool” to be a junior partner?

As we have stated many times in the pages of MAINE SENIORS Magazine, the world needs its senior partners to stay in the game and to be heard. Collectively, we have the most experience, knowledge, wisdom, and financial and political clout to make the world a better place.

At MAINE SENIORS Magazine we are proud to do our part to recognize the significant contributions of our “senior partners”. Last year, we were successful in establishing a Maine Seniors Day on the second Saturday of each September. This year, Maine Seniors Day is Saturday, September 13.

Please help spread the word. Let’s build on one of Maine’s most important natural resources—“senior power”!



—David S. Nealley, Publisher