April 2014 Publisher's Note

David S. Nealley, Publisher, Maine Seniors Magazine

Maine and its wonderful beauty has been an inspiration to many artists. James Maguire is no exception. Enjoy the first Prime Mover article which shares some of his great works of art.

Music and art are close family members, and wow! Tony Bennett is bringing his music to Maine. Tony Bennett is in his late 80’s and still on tour with his great library of songs. What an inspiration! When asked if he knew that he was an inspiration to seniors, he replied, . . . but you must read the article by Ellen Spooner. I am not going to spoil the story for you here.

Art comes in many forms and I believe all of the writers of MAINE SENIORS Magazine are artists. Granted, some are grounded by pragmatism and the subject they are writing about . . . and some have more room to roam. Hunter Howe comes to mind when thinking of our writers who have room to roam. Hunter has us roaming “down the dirt road” in this month’s From the Porch. A mix of adventure and tranquility is one with our spirit in this article.

Katy Perry also has some room to roam. In past issues, she has shared with us a little bit about everything. In her article “IS and WAS”, she is sharing her philosophy of life in a unique and meaningful way, through simple observation and logic.

In Here, There & Everywhere, Lois Nealley, with her friends Lynne McGinn and Jeff and Kara O’Sullivan, enjoyed a Red Sox spring training game in Florida Enjoy this spring ritual vicariously and read “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”.

Even though Tony Bennett stated that a song that reminds him of Maine is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, I can assure you spring is on its way. For those of us who get spring fever, enjoy Kitty Wheeler’s article “Think Spring – Join a Local Garden Club”.

As we spring ahead with MAINE SENIORS magazine, it has been music to my ears to hear from you, our readers, as to how much you enjoy this magazine. Thank you all very much . . . and please remember to stay involved as much as you can, because our world needs its senior partners.



—David S. Nealley, Publisher