May 2014 Publisher's Note

Welcome to our Women of Influence and Mother’s Day Issue. In our first Prime Mover story, we take an inside look at Ann LePage, the First Lady of Maine. Read about Ann’s passion for seniors and our veterans. You will also read about Ann’s mother Rita DeRosby, who lives at the Blaine House, too.

Next, Donna Halvorsen writes about the founder of Partners for World Health, Elizabeth McLellan. This woman’s influence goes around the world. She runs a real non-profit, where all of the help is strictly volunteer. Nobody gets paid, not even Elizabeth. Imagine a group of volunteers, who assemble right here in Maine to organize and ship medical supplies all over the world. Only smart and talented people with strength of character and great tenacity can undertake and succeed at such a major initiative.

Surviving against all odds is what makes a remarkable woman. John Christie shares with us his heartfelt story with “My Mother: A Remarkable Woman”. John states “But it was her boundless optimism and unflinching faith (appropriate, given her middle name was Faith) that made her, in my eyes, the remarkable woman and influence that she was."

Since both Mother’s Day and Memorial Day are upon us this month, we have an article titled “A Memorial for this Mother’s Day” which is a remembrance of a classic and traditional mother to whom so many of us can relate.

It is only right that we honor those who have passed and, as Cathy Genthner shares with us in the article “Remembering Those We Love by Honoring Their Lives and Our Grief”, how we handle the loss is important.

Please read about one of our great writers, Cathy Lickteig Makofski, who has been enriching the pages of MAINE SENIORS Magazine. We plan on having a brief feature on each of our contributors in future issues as a way to share with you information about them and as a tribute as well. So, thank you, Cathy. Also, thank you to Donna Halvorsen, Ellen Spooner, Catherine Nealley Zub, Katy Perry, Cathy Genthner, Jane Margesson, Wanda Curtis, Kitty Wheeler, Avery Hunt, LC Van Savage, Samantha Levesque, Michelle Nadeau, Karen Pulkkinen, Kathleen Morgan, and last but not least, my fiancée, Bridget O’Donnell, and my mother, Lois Nealley.

Most of all, thank you to our readers and advertisers . . . and remember, the world needs its senior partners to stay in the game.



—David S. Nealley, Publisher