Summer 2014 Publisher's Note

The car I am seated in here is a 1958 Edsel. You can read more about it in Katy’s Chronicles where Katy Perry writes about “Antique Cars”. She accurately suggests that “all of us treasure some part of the past” so it may not be as much about the cars. Or is it?

Remember the drive-in theaters and drive-in restaurants? We take you down memory lane to some of these great icons of yesteryear. You could catch a meal at Crosby’s Diner in Bucksport and/or Fast Eddies in Winthrop and even see a movie at one of Maine’s drive-in theaters. I hope you have the chance to enjoy at least some of these “classics” this summer.

From articles on bicycling to a virtual trip to Ogunquit, this summer issue is our best yet! Enjoy reading about Judith Gillis, a “prime” example of a retired teacher who volunteers making Maine a better place to live. We are so fortunate to have a state that has one of the highest levels of volunteerism in the nation. This fact is linked directly to you, Maine’s seniors.

A special thank you to all of our contributors and to all of you, for your continued interest in MAINE SENIORS Magazine. Please patronize the quality organizations that value Maine’s seniors by participating as advertisers and supporters of MAINE SENIORS Day.

MAINE SENIORS Day is Saturday September 13th and this day belongs to you! Please, also remember that the world needs its senior partners to stay in the game.



—David S. Nealley, Publisher