September 2014 Publisher's Note

The second annual Maine Seniors Day...and what do we do? Answer: Anything we want to do!

Dr. Len Kaye speaks to this point in his column urging all seniors to “strut their stuff”. Len is our featured contributor for this issue and rightfully so. He was a guest host on the radio program, Maine Seniors—for the Prime of Your Life, which aired on one of Stephen King’s radio stations. This program was the nexus of this magazine… and Len had made it clear then, that “our older citizens are an asset to Maine”. He further stated that “we need to show greater appreciation for them” . . . hence Maine Seniors Day. Thank you, Len.

Now, let's talk about Jo Cooper.

Jo is the spirit behind a new senior center in Ellsworth. Cathy Planchart of Bar Harbor Bank and Trust had slipped the story to me quite some time ago. Then Ellen Spooner took the ball, and after having met with Jo, became excited about the project. Jo's successful partnership between the present Senior Center and the YMCA's Day Care Program was noted by Michelle Beal, Ellsworth City Manager, and Micki Sumpter, Ellsworth's Economic Director, and motivated their decision to provide space for seniors and youngsters in the new Moore Community Center.

From South Portland to Houlton and from Camden to Biddeford, we are truly all over Maine with this issue. We cover the filming of Peyton Place in our small, still somewhat quaint towns on the coast to fishing and phishing and “Moose Spotting” to “Absolutely Delicious Blueberry Cake”.

We also have some articles to give us pause.

The September of our years—a time to take inventory of that which is important to us. In this month’s From the Porch column Hunter Howe writes in his article titled “The September of Our Years”, life is precious and the years seem to go by quickly. Hunter quotes our very own Katy Perry by reminding us about her article where she states that we can only live in today. Katy knew better than anyone that she should make the most of her days; that, indeed, we cannot live in the past or in the future.

Katy has now passed on and we all shall miss her and her great enthusiasm for life. She helped us establish Maine Seniors Day a year ago (this year it is September 13) and believed that attitude is everything. So as so many of us enter the September of our years, we should take our own inventory, decide what is most important, and then live the rest of our lives to the fullest.

Happy Maine Seniors Day to all of our senior partners!



—David S. Nealley, Publisher