November 2014 Publisher's Note

In this issue we celebrate our veterans, and Maine has more veterans per capita than any state in the nation. We owe our thanks to approximately 130,000 veterans right here in Maine.

This tradition of a high level of patriotic participation of Mainers dates back to the time when President Lincoln declared a call for troops. Maine responded and sent more troops to the Civil War than any other state in the Union. Read more about this in an article about our very own Maine Historian and Civil War Statue Scholar, Earle Shettleworth.

What do we really know about what our Veterans have done for us? Not everyone has the special qualities to be so disciplined, loyal and patriotic, that they can hit the battlefield and complete missions--in many cases against all odds--and then come home and return to civilian life as if nothing happened. Well, many did just that. One of these individuals was John Staples. John was my uncle, but I heard little about his military involvement until his funeral. Read about the qualities of this First Lieutenant who helped us win World War II.

How is it that we expect people to go from 100 miles per hour intensity while on the battlefield to civilian life without any issues? Learn about one Vietnam Veteran, who has struggled with his memories, yet continues to move on as best he can, in “Forgiven”.

John Christie remembers and pays tribute in his article about “Mainers In The Famed 10th Mountain Division”. Rob Carr of South Portland has made sure that Maine Veterans will be remembered with his website Read the article about Rob Carr, “Tribute to Maine’s Veterans”.

Let’s do our utmost to support our veterans and show some extra appreciation this Veteran’s Day.

Yes, in this great country and in Maine, we have a lot for which to be grateful at Thanksgiving-time and throughout the year.

From all of us at MAINE SENIORS to all of you, our senior partners, Happy Thanksgiving!



—David S. Nealley, Publisher