Winter 2015 Publisher's Note

It is very likely that you are among the senior partners of life if indeed you read the cover before you opened this magazine. You see, MAINE SENIORS Magazine is “FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY".

At MAINE SENIORS Magazine, we have tried in many ways to diminish the stigma that our culture has placed on those of us who are advancing in years. You know us old folks, over-the-hill types, elderly . . . all of us commonly referred to as senior citizens. 

A few years ago when I turned 50, I remember the black balloon that said “over- the- hill” and the AARP card. I was conflicted in thought about the whole crazy concept that a numeric age had anything to do with the many attributes people try to assign to us as we age.  

In Maine, nearly 40% of us are 50 years of age and over. As Dr. Len Kaye once stated, “Maine’s greatest natural resource is senior power”. Those of us who have accumulated experience and wisdom and have earned the credential of being a senior partner should assert ourselves more at every level. 

As is, Maine already benefits from its “senior power” with a higher volunteer rate than the rest of the country. Our seniors also provide significant generosity through their philanthropy. The 50 plus age group controls over 70% of disposable income and we control most of the decisions made in public policy in government, non-profits and on the boards, and even in ownership positions, of for profit organizations.   

Senior power can be found all over Maine and we try to bring you some of the stories right here in MAINE SENIORS Magazine. In the column Sage Lens, the article “Achieving Greatness in Old Age” says it all and is a must read. One businessman in Maine at the age of 94, claimed that he had most of his success in the last 20 years. That means between the ages of 74 and 94. Wow!

 Another inspirational article “You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks” by Mark Roth, provides a compelling argument for staying active and finding enjoyment in doing so.  

Speaking of staying active, our featured contributor for this issue, John Christie, is a brilliant marketing man who over the years has turned himself into the “Jack LaLanne” of outdoor recreation in Maine. In addition to his past business and marketing achievements, John has promoted the ski industry in Maine as much if not more than any other person or entity, and is currently working on two new books. At age 77, John shows no sign of slowing down. What an inspiration! On a personal note, John continues to provide encouragement to all of us at MAINE SENIORS Magazine. 

Here’s to senior power!



—David S. Nealley, Publisher