March 2015 Publisher's Note

Who can think of Maine without thinking of the great contributions of Harold Alfond and Bill Green?

Harold Alfond’s philanthropy has touched every part of Maine from healthcare to athletics and, in fact, will be a part of each newborn Mainer’s college fund… his legacy lives on. Bill Green, with his upbeat Bill Green's Maine, promotes Maine’s way of life (with genuine passion for his home state) in ways that make his program the most enjoyable news segment in Maine.

Both of these stories remind me of my father, in that he had the same over-the-top passion for Maine and maybe I'm thinking of him now because he was born in March. He also died in March. My Dad died at age 54. This March, I turn 54 and I realize more than ever how young that is… and how foolish it is to give a black balloon or card that says “over- the-hill", when one turns 50 years of age.

Now let’s “March” forward to the first day of spring and leave the cold winter behind us.

Even though this sounds good, it may be tough sledding for a while longer. We can relate this concept to a few proposals that will be considered by our Maine State Legislature. One significant proposal is a $65 million Maine Seniors Housing Bond that the Speaker of the House, Mark Eves is promoting. Read about this bold initiative in a Special Series column by Ellen Spooner.

Another couple of proposals in this ongoing series are being presented by the LePage Administration. Commissioner Mary Mayhew sat down with us and discussed some savings in the Department of Health and Human Services that she and the Governor would like to apply to nursing home and stay-at-home care. Yes, there may be tough sledding ahead in Augusta for these new bold proposals. Yet, the important takeaway, is that our state government has seniors' issues in their focus. This Special Series column will be ongoing as we follow the developments in the public policy arena.

As Dr Len Kaye has said, "Maine’s greatest natural resource is Senior Power!"

To all of our senior partners, remember the world needs us to stay in the game.

Here's to senior power!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher