April 2015 Publisher's Note

At MAINE SENIORS we believe in “Senior Power”!

In this issue we begin with a story about Frances Perkins, The Lady from Newcastle Maine and Social Security. Frances Perkins pioneered one of the most significant public policy initiatives in history which is also the most important program for seniors. In the continuation of our Special Series on public policy for seniors, we hear from the volunteer State President of AARP Maine, Rich Livingston. AARP Maine has about 230,000 members. Roughly 12,000 of these folks participated in a TeleTown Hall conference call about some current legislative proposals that Rich is following in Augusta.

The world of healthcare is changing and yet, in some ways, is still the same. Dr. Timothy Howe is the Wellness Doctor and he has been an influence helping many people choose healthier lifestyles. We all know that more walking and other kinds of exercise can help. How much does our diet affect our health? You may want to skip to our two Food for Thought columns first and enjoy a great seafood recipe with a little “snap” from the famous Dimillo’s restaurant or indulge in a “Classic Spring Pairing” of Lamb and Asparagus from Fia Fortune.

Feel conflicted about healthy eating versus more fulfilling enjoyment? Then read Waldo Clark’s “Toss the Tofu” and Joan Clark’s, “Tofu Brouhaha”.

Please enjoy the variety of content in this issue and remember our next issue and every May Issue is about Women of Influence.

Yes, often I speak to senior power and challenge all of my senior partners to stay in the game because the world needs us. In addition to a popular theme of ours “seniors helping seniors”, we must be there to assist and be good role models for the younger generations as well. You may find that this can be mutually beneficial. I certainly have with some of our team members at MAINE SENIORS Magazine.

One person in particular who has helped to shape our magazine is Ian Marquis. (Please read about him in our Featured Contributor section.) This young man has brought a combination of his work ethic, skill, talent, passion and a reverence for classic and traditional style design (with a little contemporary spin) to the pages of MAINE SENIORS Magazine. Sometimes younger people earn the senior partner status and Ian certainly has… we are thankful for all of his contributions.

Thanks to all of our senior partners!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher