May 2015 Publisher's Note

Sometimes it seems like we have made little progress with the human condition.

On the other hand, it also seems that we have made great progress. In this issue of MAINE SENIORS Magazine we are pleased to share with you some Women of Influence who have worked hard to improve the human condition. These women have not only made much progress in their lives as women, but, in all our lives, as Prime Movers. Please enjoy the stories about Senator Anne Haskell, Commissioner Mary Mayhew, Valerie Osborne, and Susie Goodwillie Stedman. By the way, each one of these stories was written by a woman who is a positive influence on the human condition. Enjoy reading about one of these writers, Cathy Genthner, who is our “featured contributor” for this issue.

Progress is being made in Maine, making it easier for seniors on a number of fronts. Read about some of the ways that Maine is working to make it easier for seniors to stay in their own homes as long as possible, in Dr. Len Kaye’s column Sage Lens. Then read The Maine Point, where Jane Margesson points out some programs that make a difference in our communities. She also reminds us that May is Older Americans Month. At MAINE SENIORS Magazine, every month is older Americans month… and I am sure that most of us know that May is also the month in which we celebrate Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!

But, did you also know that May is National Pet Month? Pets can be great companions and especially for seniors. Enjoy our articles about pets!

In regard to true progress; it is true that real sustainable progress is incremental. It does make sense that in the natural ebb and flow of things that our progress seems like two steps forward and one step back. Maybe, this is okay because it allows us some adjustment period for change. This is most profound when dealing with the loss of a loved one. Please read the very moving story by Cathy Lickteig Makofski as she shares with us how a loving daughter and post-it notes aided a difficult adjustment period.

Best wishes to all of our senior partners!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher