June 2015 Publisher's Note

In Maine, springtime and early summer are the awakening and renewal of a great connection between our spirit and nature.

In addition to our beautiful nature-scapes, Maine also has a robust music and arts scene which is uplifting and advances our spiritual growth. This music and arts scene is all over Maine and we will endeavor to share more with you over the next few issues.

The music and arts scene/creative economy has not only become more of an asset for all of us Mainers, but has also benefited our tourism industry.

Our first Prime Mover story is about Ginia Davis Wexler, of Blue Hill. This talented lady has made many contributions to our music and arts scene both internationally and throughout Maine. We also learn about the way sculptures find their way to public art, with a story about June LaCombe.

Thanks to Jon Cahill of Scarborough, and his “Gym Dandies”, Mainer’s have entertained the nation with performances at the second Inaugural Parade of President Obama and at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

So many extraordinary seniors in Maine are all around us. One fine example is Madelon Kelly. She is a teacher, coaching award winning math and science teams… a volunteer library director, and the owner of a sanctuary farm for a variety of animals, all in one.

At MAINE SENIORS we appreciate Maine’s heritage and traditional outdoor activities like fishing and hunting too. In this issue we introduce a new column, A Trail Less Traveled, where artist and writer Brad Eden will share with us his perspective on the great outdoors. Brad reminds me of a combination of Bud Leavitt and Tom Hennessey. I hope that you enjoy this new addition to your magazine.

Some of my favorite memories of summer include relaxing while watching the sunset. In this month’s From the Porch column, Hunter Howe shares with us a witty and philosophical perspective, “A Sunset of Fuzzy Peaches”.

A summer-like warm thank you to all of our senior partners.


—David S. Nealley, Publisher