November 2015 Publisher's Note

Welcome to our Veterans Issue!

November is a time of reflection as we celebrate both Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day. It is a time to be grateful for those who have served us in an effort to keep peace at home and abroad, and be thankful for the opportunities, freedom and prosperity we have the right to pursue, in these United States of America. 

In this salute to our veterans, we start with “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans!" This article by Ellen Spooner highlights a long overdue ceremony with some very important remarks from General Libby. The General made some points which should be considered by all as lessons about our failures with our involvement in Vietnam.  General Libby reminded us that neither our government, nor our people, ever fully supported the efforts of the troops. Because of this, our troops paid the cost twice. First in battle and then in the way they were treated when they returned home. 

This issue also has great stories on Brigadier General Bolduc, a World War II veteran, Fred Kelly, the Maine Military Museum, and even takes you through “A Walk in the Park” with some military history and much more!

Do you like dogs? Then read Brad Eden’s column A Trail Less Traveled titled, “The Dogs of Fall” and enjoy his great artwork. Plus, read about Brad in our Featured Contributor’s section.

This is a good time of year to return to fond memories too. Enjoy the article by Hunter Howe in this month’s From the Porch titled simply, “The Return”. 

Please let us all be mindful of the great sacrifices our military personnel make and our veterans have made, to ensure our freedoms here at home. Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day are both days to spend time in appreciation of those things for which we should be thankful. 

God Bless America!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher