Winter 2016 Publisher's Note

Now that the new year is underway, we have all had time to consider New Year’s resolutions and our goals, concerns, and hopes for the year.

At MAINE SENIORS our goal is to provide you, our senior partners, with enjoyable, inspirational and informative content in each and every issue. Our major concern is that we do not cover enough of our State’s Prime Movers to inspire all of you... because our goal is to share with you the great individuals and organizations that improve our quality of life here in Maine.

Yes, we want to be a source of enjoyment and inspiration first and foremost. Many resources for information are available for aging- related issues and we will share nuggets of good information with you as well… and yet, we know that providing joy and inspiration, as is shared in the story “My Journey” by Rick Schweikert, is the most important thing we can do for everyone, even in the time of a health care scare. Please read this very personal reflection wherein Rick shares the healing powers of a positive attitude, light and love.

All of these attributes together create great passion.

This is precisely what one needs if they are to start their own business as did Jane Karker, the Maine Authors and Publishing Cooperative.

Another passionately determined Prime Mover comes from our archives and is about a lady who went to law school in her mid 50’s. Rosalyne Bernstein secured her law degree at age 58. Rosalyne, the wife of the late Sumner Bernstein, a founding partner of Bernstein Shur (one of Maine’s largest and most prestigious law firms) continues with her passions as both a philanthropists and volunteer for a variety of organizations all over Maine. A great comment from Rosalyne is “One thing that I like about living here, (in Maine) is that one person can make a difference.” Let us all take heed to this point as we strive to improve the human condition all around us and make it a great new year.


—David S. Nealley, Publisher