Stonewood Cottages at Bartlett Woods

Independent retirement living near Rockland and Camden

As some of us get closer to retirement, thoughts turn to downsizing now that the kids have grown up and are on their own. Thoughts become naturally laser focused on where to spend those retirement years and how to live them.

Maine’s Midcoast has called summer visitors here like a trusted lighthouse beacon for decades, and as is so often the case, a person’s vacationland transitions well into year-round living. Rockland’s Stonewood Cottages at Bartlett Woods is such a place, right for year-round living in a beautiful, special place.

Located very close to downtown Rockland, Stonewood Cottage owners have every activity they could want, located a short distance from their door. Whether they prefer tennis, golf, biking, kayaking, hiking, or skiing, Maine’s Midcoast has it all.

Residents are free to be as much or as little part of their tight-knit community of 14 cottages as they wish. The Stonewood Cottages Cooperative also provides everything from meals, transportation, and fun outings like shopping in Boston, skiing in the Western Maine Mountains, or trips to Bar Harbor.

“Midcoast Maine and Rockland, in general, are real-estate hot spots,” said Melanie Trott, the marketing manager of this 55-plus retirement enclave and a licensed Realtor. “Stonewood Cottages gives those seeking independent retirement living options an affordable opportunity to be in this very desirable area of coastal Maine, where real estate inventory can be hard to come by without sacrificing comfort or convenience.”

There are currently two cottages for sale at $178,200, which is an exceptional value in the Midcoast area. Cottage owners range in age from 55 on up. They can also access the services provided by nearby Bartlett Woods Retirement Community. The activities there include exercise classes, an extensive library, lectures, and concerts. As another advantage, Cottage shareholders can purchase gourmet meals in the Bartlett Woods dining room.

The cottages consist of two bedrooms, a four-season sunroom, a living room, kitchen, 1 ½ bathrooms, a private deck, and an attached garage. Residents will never have to worry about lawn care, snow removal, or any other outside property maintenance. Monthly sewer, water, and property taxes are included in the homeowner’s monthly fee, which represents one of the best values in Maine.

“A cooperative structure is a bit different from a condo association,” Melanie explains. “A cooperative structure like Stonewood Cottages at Bartlett Woods offers the shareholders a chance to own a share of the cooperative (or a cottage) while enjoying shared maintenance and costs, to keep expenses lower for everyone. While not as common in Maine, cooperatives are found in large cities around the country.”

Prospective buyers are not just drawn to Stonewood Cottages because of the affordability and location. Midcoast Maine also offers a sanctuary from the COVID-19 pandemic that continues to ravage most of the nation. In fact, Maine has the second lowest number of COVID-19 cases in the country. Only Vermont has fewer cases, as of November. Knox County had just 144 COVID-19 cases in November.

Melanie said Stonewood Cottages buyers are seeking the beauty of Midcoast Maine and a higher level of safety from the pandemic. Stonewood Cottages have made all of the necessary changes to keep everyone safe.

“Residence and board members of the management company, MCH, have switched to Zoom meetings to keep everyone engaged, yet safe. Residents mask up and help each other with the technology so that everyone can participate. The residents look out for each other regularly, keeping in touch by phone and email. The management company is available to assist with maintenance items, emergencies, and property management, helping the residents feel secure and safe. And these are independent living cottages [i.e., you can limit unwanted contacts, in the context of pandemic exposure].”

The vibrant Rockland community has many opportunities for safe restaurant dining (through takeout, delivery, and heated outdoor venues) and many online opportunities to enjoy the arts and humanities, through the work of nearby cultural organizations and museums. A newly erected drive-in theater is helping the Camden International Film Festival screen its entries. There is no end to what Rockland and the area offer—and nearby Stonewood Cottages can welcome you home.

For more information on Stonewood Cottages, call 207-593-2530 or visit online at

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