Mary & Jimmy

QUESTION: This trend frustrates and frightens me: Why do folks continue to gather in groups here and all over the country when the expert doctors continue to beg us to stay away from each other? Your take?

—Bruce C.


Dear Bruce,

I hear you loud and clear. It is such a difficult thing to understand. I guess for some people it is hard to believe that anything bad can happen to them or their loved ones. They seem to have convinced themselves that bad COVID-19 cases only happens to other folks, not to them.

It truly makes me sad. We can only make sure how we handle this matter ourselves and make sure we do the right thing.


If a doctor urges you not to jump out the attic window . . . there must be a damn good reason. As to folks gathering right now?  There’s no damn good reason for anyone to be such a fool!

QUESTION: So many men are growing beards this year! My brother has grown one, and it makes him look so old! He’s been retired now for a few years, and he just doesn’t want to shave. But shouldn’t I tell him how bad it makes him look?



Dear Susan,

Maybe you’re just more comfortable with your brother’s face with no beard because that is what you are used to and that’s how he looked when younger.

But keep in mind, some find a beard rather appealing and attractive. I would be careful not to make your brother feel bad. First, some may find his new look to be very much to their liking. And second, he’s a mature person who can be in charge of his own appearance and make his own decisions on facial hair styling.


“Makes him look old?” He is old, okay?

QUESTION: As politics went crazy this year, we had to buy a second TV. Why? Because my wife only likes Fox News, and I still enjoy watching CBS News. Because of this, we’re spending all kinds of time sitting in front of the TV . . . in different rooms. This pattern of behavior can’t be good for our marriage. Any good ideas?

—Tim V.

MARY’S ADVICE: I agree with you. I suggest keeping the news on for a limited time each day. Then you could take turns on which news station to watch each day. You also could pick program you both enjoy ad make sure you watch it together. You’re so nice to be concerned.


First, tell me how Fox or CBS has been helpful in your life . . . at all? Then, consider bird watching instead of the news.

QUESTION: I love to cook. Love it! And I cook a lot. The problem is that I have a sensitive tummy, and my doctor has urged me to stay away from carbohydrates, which he believes are the source of my discomfort. I can’t expect everyone else to eat carb-free, but along with enjoying my cooking, I really enjoy sampling my creations. Then—ohhhhh—here comes the tummy ache.  How can I get out of this vicious cycle, and get to have my cake and eat it, too?



Oh! This is a difficult situation. I encourage you to be creative and resourceful. Come up with new recipes that taste good but that avoid the carbs. You might also consider buying or looking up on-line some recipes that would encourage healthy eating. There are so many recipes today that are sensitive to this situation.


Keep on cooking! Also, subscribe to one of the “no-carb meals” delivery services. Next? Send all your amazing dishes to me—I’m starving!

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