Mary & Jimmy: March


My husband has a habit maybe you can help me with. He wants to watch TV in bed each night. He says it helps him sleep. While it doesn’t prevent me from going to sleep, I inevitably wake up in the middle of the night with the TV still on and him sound asleep. I’ve suggested putting on the automatic timer to shut off the TV, but sometimes he’s still watching when it goes off and that upsets him. I have bought him earphones so only he can hear the TV by himself, but he refuses to wear them. And there is no way I am sleeping in another room. I think I’m out of ideas.



Dear Tired, So sorry to hear of your frustration. I suggest you ask your husband again to come to a compromise, agreeing to a time to have the TV automatically shut off. I think sometime before 3 a.m. is reasonable, and also helpful for your husband’s sleep patterns. Good luck!


If either one of you ever sleeps . . . and ever dreams? Don’t bother even dreaming that I’d make any attempt to give you any advice on this one. The only words that come to my mind? Tree house.


I’ve been retired for three years and have been in the house non-stop with my wife for ten months because of COVID-19. Sometimes we are just sitting in the same room for hours staring at each other out of the corners of our eyes. I think at times she might be growling at me, as I can see her lip turn up a bit, baring her teeth. When I look at her quickly, she’s suddenly smiling. Then, when she is making supper, she keeps looking over her shoulder at me and laughing out loud.

I’ve never heard her laugh like that before. I’m thinking of sleeping out in the shed, but it’s got no heat, and it has been darn cold. I’ve thought of sleeping in the basement, too, but I don’t want to let on she’s scaring me to death.

—Worried in Boothbay


Dear Worried, I think your imagination is taking control of your good senses a bit. I strongly suggest you sit with your wife and discuss your fears. Maybe it’s time to take a walk outside, even if It’s cold. Have a bit of change in your environment . . . lessen some of these fears.


Did you ever see the movie Misery, based on a Stephen King novel, starring James Caan and Kathy Bates?I’d worry more, Mr. Boothbay.


I am a single senior man looking for someone of the opposite sex to spend some time with. With the pandemic, it is just about impossible to meet anyone. But there are some places where senior singles are gathering, and I’ve gone there. The problem is they are all wearing masks, and I can’t tell what the heck they look like. I mean suppose I fell for a lady with no teeth or just one in the middle of her mouth? How would I break up with her when I discovered this defect? Would I say, “Excuse me, but you have no teeth . . . and therefore, I’m out of here?” That would be rude.

I don’t want to waste too much time. I am 83 years old. Do you think it would be appropriate for me to say to a woman I think I might like, “Can I take a peek under your Kimono, so to speak?

See if she’s got all her teeth?

—Retired Dentist in Maine


Oh dear . . . I think it would be a wonderful thing to get to know this lady with the mask on. It would give you the opportunity to love her heart and not just her teeth. It would give you a chance to grow personally and that would be such a gift to you.

And if your worst fears are realized, you just might consider giving her a gift of new dentures or implants to help your new love to begin.


Wow!  Where do you people come from?  First of all, if she’s your age . . . she has missing teeth. So what! What you want to find out is (a) does she watch TV all night and (b) does she do any strange growling or laughing?

Go get a COVID vaccination. Find places where you can take your mask off and others can do likewise.  Might be easier on your constitution.

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