The Summit Project Remembers Maine’s Fallen Post-9/11 Heroes

The Summit Project Remembers Maine’s Fallen Post-9/11 Heroes

The mission of The Summit Project is to honor our state’s post-9/11 fallen service members, and through education, fellowship, and physical activity, provide assurance to their families that these sacrifices will never be forgotten. T

he Summit Project allows Maine communities to honor our fallen heroes through action. Surviving families unearth and donate stones that uniquely represent their loved ones. Volunteers discover the lives of these heroes, and then carry the stones and their stories on treks throughout the state and around the globe.

The Summit Project stones and stories have been shared on Katahdin, Cadillac, Kilimanjaro, Everest, Denali, and been carried through parades, marathons, and marches. Each trekker must learn about the fallen hero they choose to honor, carry his/her tribute stone though a physical challenge, and compose a post-event reflection letter addressed to the soldier’s surviving family.  


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