Love and Marriage Bloom for Sam and Erin in Maine Seniors Magazine

Love and Marriage Bloom for Sam and Erin in Maine Seniors Magazine

All pictures by Misha Friedman 

Our readers will remember the creative marriage proposal of Sam and Erin that occurred right here between the pages of Maine Seniors magazine.

Erin began reading Maine Seniors shortly after moving to Maine and starting to date Sam. Every month she would read it cover to cover. When Sam was thinking of ways to propose, he knew he wanted to surprise Erin in a unique way. What way more unique than in the pages of a senior’s magazine when you are only in your 30’s? 

To say Erin was surprised is an understatement, especially when she realized that the “Erin, will you marry me?” note was not only in HER magazine but printed in EVERY issue that month! She said yes, of course, and this fall they made it official.

The new Mr. and Mrs. were kind enough to send along some pictures of their special day to share with the readers of Maine Seniors. Thank you, Sam and Erin, for letting us be a part of your love story! May you be blessed with many happy years to come from all of us here at Maine Seniors!



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