Poetry: Onward A River Flows

Poetry: Onward A River Flows

Onward A River Flows

By Sheri Aube

Onward a river flows carving a channel for itself intricately

Eventually joining another moving swiftly entwined as one

Gallivanting rivers energy accelerates our rhythm inwardly

Combined gained strength quickly moves onward infinitely

Exhilarating smile ignites for stimulating fun under the sun

During this sparkling spring morn we backpackers explore

Best decision unanimously said, “Let’s not go home today!”

Narrow peninsula beckons as frolicking water laps on shore

A magical day providing a camping area, not desiring more

Short distance off establish pathway appears a place to stay

We diligently erect packer tent under vivid canopy of greens

Compatible decision is stay where abundant vegetation grows

A gentle breeze flits across small expanse rustling new leaves

Energetically collect rocks to build shore fire pit as we please

Quality wilderness offers many gifts we’re appreciate to know

Cautiously begin river play, clean body and clothes with care

Churning chilly water luxuriously stimulates trail weary feet

More needs are met, on a flat rock for camp stove to prepare

Tasty food, sitting on downed tree, reviving with simple fare

Wild places simplistic ambiance offers soul felt completeness

Within darkened sky a moon sliver dangles on unseen thread

A snapping, crackling blaze gives quality hypnotizing effect

Gently flows twilight sheer curtain lending a mantle overhead

Nights repose is easily attained nestled in downy comfort bed

Shangri-la at last, nature’s gifts allow mindful joys to collect

Orchestrating lullaby, shimmering water endlessly ripples past

Last sound cricket chirp, whish of wind and whispered tweets

Another strenuous day, feeling like Queen of the Nile relaxed

Constantly sniffing fresh air ignites senses, wishing all to last

Creeping along gentle cushiony waves guiding to blissful sleep

Last thought; pollution-free water and air is urgent everywhere

All earthly creatures are extremely dependent upon clean land

Urgent motto is; tread lightly and leave no trace; all should care

Be responsible, take part, no time for neglect; always be aware

Mother Nature’s requisite is forever essential with total demand


Sheri Aube is a boomer generation lady who enjoys the craft of writing. During the early 70’s, after graduating from school of nursing in Anchorage, Alaska, she devoted 35 years to that demanding and rewarding career. She then met a man and as their careers ended, had a duo quest to surmount altered life circumstances. That summer they traveled the USA. A couple years later they began backpacking along the Maine Appalachian Trail. In trail towns, with new trail names Yin & Yang, they played previously mailed guitars. That summer culminated with 287 miles along a Maine Appalachian Trail hike to summit Katahdin in Baxter State Park. 

Their travels infuse her stream of conscious writing style. This poem was inspired during their beginning of backpacking. As musicians by the name of Nick of Time, they play daily at home and on outings with others. Their congenial interests fit the goal for a peaceful lifestyle with well-being; nutritious food, organic gardening with food preservation and raising their three hens for eggs and amusement. 


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Sheri Aube

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