Each issue of MAINE SENIORS Magazine features one or more stories of Prime Movers – seniors and organizations who have truly become icons in their communities.

Larry Rubinstein and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine

Growing up in New York City, Larry Rubinstein discovered the joy of biking.He and his brother whizzed around their Bronx neighborhood on their new English racing bikes, the three-speed, thin-framed bikes that were in vogue at the time. But it was a doctor’s warning decades…

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Galen Cole and the Cole Land Transportation Museum

A 1941 photo shows best friends, Charlie Flanagan and Galen Cole, among Bangor High School cheerleaders on a train bound for a basketball game in Lewiston. As you might guess, both young men went on to serve their country during World War II. Cole was but…

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A Tale of Salvation

The two men, 15 years apart in age but brothers in spirit, came to the Salvation Army by different paths but ended up in the same place. Joseph Bassett was just being a kid, absorbing the lessons life taught him. He would devote his life…

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