Wicked Memories : Rocky Russo

HE WAS A GOD to my young eyes
The cause of all my schoolgirl sighs.
His hair was black, thick and curly
His body tall and lithe, yet burly.
His skin glowed tan from ancient suns
And oh my God! His world-class buns!
I was fourteen and so in love
A sad, uncoupled turtledove.
I loved this lusty, brash Italian
This darling, rascally, dear rapscallion
He didn’t know I was alive
And so I had to just contrive
A way to make him notice me
(And maybe make him, oh, kiss me??)
His name was Rocky Russo and
I know his birthplace was Dreamland.
Tall and Mediterranean
Dark and sensual. Herculean!
He was sixteen and high above
All other boys. I was in love
With him, but he would never know
I worshipped him, adored him so.
I tried all tricks to make him see
I was alive. “Rock!! Look at me!”
I yearned to shout at him each day
In school. There had to be a way!
But I was scared and never could,
Because my tongue would turn to wood.
I dieted and lost some weight
With hopes he’d ask me for a date.
I stuck my boobs out when he passed
He never saw. I was downcast.
And so I tried all female tricks
(I even wore a crucifix.
He was Catholic, I was not
But I’d’ve changed for that sexpot!)
Rocky Russo always passed me
In the halls, the gym, and lastly
Even in the lunchroom too,
And I would blush. (He never knew.)
All my friends knew of my passion
But they knew well of Rock’s dispassion
For me. Well, I would not succumb
To all their snick’rings. I was dumb.
By LC Van Savage
But I was hopeless ‘bout that stallion
‘Bout that fabulous Italian
Who wore a curl down o’er his brow
Whose bright blue eyes saw me no how.
His muscles rippling through his shirt
Caused my thudding heart to hurt.
But one spring day I thought I’d die
Because dear Rocky sauntered by
And turned and looked straight
at my face!
I was so stunned I had to brace
Against the wall. My knees went weak
My throat closed up I could not speak.
I nearly screamed, “I’ll BE YOUR GAL!”
(And tried to be a femme fatale.)
But no, I sputtered, sagged and sighed
I may have drooled. I should have died.
He grinned and flashed his perfect teeth
At me! At me! he did bequeath
His smile! It was for me alone!
I shuddered, and then turned to stone.
I wished the floor would open wide
And suck me down, and let me hide
From this Adonis I loved so
Who then moved on. I knew he’d go.
But suddenly, Rocky dear turned back
And once again, my mouth went slack.
But then he did the sweetest thing
By granting me an offering!
I’ve played this scene for countless years
In my mind. It still brings tears.
Did Rocky Russo know how cool
Was that gift he gave in school
To me? It didn’t cost him much
But for me, lovestruck, it was such
A wondrous gift. A priceless gem
A coronet! A diadem!
Rocky turned and looked at me
“Oh no,” I thought, “this cannot be!”
He smiled again, then gave that gift
To me. It caused my heart to lift
Above the clouds, above the sky!
I thought I’d die!