Winter 2018 Publisher’s Note

Winter in Maine can be beautiful and it can also be a challenge. Is this not the case with life?

Maybe this is why we enjoy reading about inspirational people who find the time and energy to improve the human condition.

Whether it is within an organization, a community, or statewide, the “Prime Movers” highlighted in Maine Seniors Magazine have done something extraordinary, to reach above and beyond. To go that “extra mile” seems to be the hallmark of so many of Maine’s seniors.

Read about Ruth Gray, who reflects on her service in the Red Cross during WWII and credits her longevity, to “good genes”…although, we know that Ruth’s keeping very active has certainly helped, too. This Old Town Canoe descendant took a jet-ski across Cold Stream Pond at age 90. Ruth has hosted a summer outing at her camp on Cold Stream Pond for her church members for nearly twenty years, stating that, “They enjoy it, and many of them don’t have any place to go to celebrate or enjoy the water.” At age 101, Ruth tries to stay busy and rallies some of her younger friends, in their 80’s and 90’s, to visit often.

Also enjoy the article on Katie Valliere-Denis Ouilette who took her passion for song and dance and resurrected Lakewood Theater. During this period in her life, she found the time to help veterans and their families in Maine as a member of the American Legion. Plus, she became the Director of the Kiwanis Foundation of New England. Recently she wrote a children’s book – Two Birds in a Box. At age 87, Katie has another book in the works.

Dr. Len Kaye shares with us a renewed perspective on how fragile the human condition is, in his Sage Lens column this month, “A New Man, In A New Year”.

This brings to mind our new column for Maine Seniors, Bucket List. We all have those things we would still like to do. Even if some of those things you have to experience by living vicariously through the pages of Maine Seniors Magazine… enjoy.

—David S. Nealley, Publisher