April 2017 Publisher's Note

Spring is a particularly important time for Mainers. The winters can be difficult in many ways and it is not unusual for us to look forward with hope and anticipation to our spring season.

The word spring connotes a bounce upward or forward, to rise, emanate from, proceed with some momentum. It is in spring that many of us celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This celebration is held between March 21 and April 25, on the first Sunday after the first full moon, following the northern spring equinox. The very essence of spring can bring with it a feeling of hope for all of us. Enjoy the story of Pastor Richard Berry who has given such hope to the homeless in “A Voice for the Homeless”.

Some of us are fortunate to have had a career that we truly enjoyed. Read about Roger Guay, a Game Warden who enjoyed his career so much he wrote a book about it, A Good Dog and a Man.

From waitress to school teacher, she followed her dream. Share in the passion of Janie Snider in “Dream Weaver”.

Now let’s jazz things up a bit with the State Street Traditional Jazz Band in “Jazzing Up Maine”.

In addition to the above inspirational stories we have some early gardening tips, recipes, wit and humor and other information in our expanded variety of content. Also, an article “Paper and Ink”, speaks to an art form unique to each one of us. It covers the importance of the hand, eye, and brain working together to write and/or draw… and the special value of handwritten correspondence.

Plus, the magic behind all the greats is shared by our very own Chloe Jon Paul in, “Zest: the Bubbly of Life”!

At Maine Seniors, we want all of our senior partners to spring ahead with zest.


—David S. Nealley, Publisher