May 2017 Publisher's Note

The May Women of Influence Issue is one of our favorites and has a very personal meaning to me.

We have all benefitted greatly from strong female influences in our lives. For me this became most important at age 23, when my Dad passed away. He died at the early age of 54, leaving my mother a widow at age 49. My mother had already been a very good mother and yet, she also helped to fill in for the absence of my father. In short order, she became one of my role models, as well as my business, and political advisor.

You see years ago, a business lady informed me of a speech my mother made at “Tuesday Forum”, a professional women’s networking organization. She explained to me that my mother had shared with the group that she had observed women making truly spectacular progress and breaking through the “glass ceiling”.

My mother, Lois Nealley, was born in 1935, and had seen many struggles for women over the decades and at that time (mid-90’s) at the “Tuesday Forum” meeting she proudly exclaimed that “Maine had one of the first female U.S. Senators, Margaret Chase Smith and with then Senators Olympia Snow and Susan Collins following in her footsteps, women were making great progress in leadership roles.” Lois further explained that strides were being made in every occupation.

As further proof of that, MAINE SENIORS is proud to celebrate the first female Chief Justice of the Maine State Supreme Court, Leigh Saufley. We also extend kudos to Robin Alden in “Hero of the Seas” who was a White House Champion Award winner. Plus, we have a feature on Carolann Ouellette, the past Director of the Maine Office of Tourism, who now is at the helm of Maine Trails and Huts . . . and so much more . . . including a brief glimpse into the past five years’ honorees of the Maine Women’s Hall of Fame.

At MAINE SENIORS we salute all of the strong women in Maine!


—David S. Nealley, Publisher