November 2017 Publisher's Note

At Maine Seniors magazine we are proud to dedicate our November Issue to our Veterans and those who serve to protect our freedoms.

It is nice to know that the majority of us show honor and respect for all who serve these United States of America. Although, we recognize that some play politics with our National Anthem and our flag, we also understand the perspective of Waldo Clark in the article “A Change in Uniform”.

Our feature story is about The American Legion of Maine. This group of almost 19,000 strong, is all about veterans helping veterans. Given that Maine has almost 130,000 veterans, this organization is of great value to our state. Also note the extensive list of charities and programs (at the end of the article) that The American Legion of Maine supports.

In this country, the struggles throughout our history and of today still allow us a sense of hope. As I was told as a child, and told my children, we must keep the faith and strive towards “a more perfect union”. Please read “The Promise of America”, by Hunter Howe in this month’s From the Porch column.

A special thanks of gratitude to all of our veterans and those who serve.


—David S. Nealley, Publisher