Holiday 2017 Publisher's Note

“Harboring the Holidays”, by Sheila Grant helps to set the mood… and speaks to the many festivities that add light to this time of year.

In this case, the story is about Boothbay, yet we have so many reasons to enjoy being home for the holidays right here in Maine.

We do need extra light this time of year and this is why we like to focus on Prime Movers, who are people and organizations who improve the human condition. Around the holidays, many of us will long for those who are no longer here. My father died of cancer while I was still in college. For over 3 years, I watched my mother’s health decline as well, while being his caregiver/guardian. It was a very difficult period for our family. Watching a loved one slowly die is almost inhumane. The grief involved was almost intolerable. The toll it took/takes is overwhelming and is everlasting. Please read about “Prime Movers” Chris Parrish and Paul Trommer and the Sosman Center. To have a place like the Sosman Center to relax and talk with others going through similar circumstances is clearly a gift to those dealing with such life altering issues.

One of the many good articles in this Holiday Issue which stands out and gives one that special feeling of comfort and joy, is in our column From the Porch, “The Good Hours”, by Hunter Howe. And may you enjoy “The Good Hours”.

As in the story “A Christmas Carol” all of us at Maine Seniors join with the character Tiny Tim to say, “God Bless us, every one!”


—David S. Nealley, Publisher