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Download our 2018 Media KitFact 1:   At MAINE SENIORS Magazine we have valuable readers.

The 50-plus demo and those professionals who work with our senior population represent a valuable audience. 


We also know that people are spending quality time with our magazine and hence more time with your message. Contrast this with most other media today. Most mature media today are struggling to maintain market-share. Folks are spending less time with even their favorite traditional media and hence less time with your message.

Fact 3:   At MAINE SENIORS we are growing.

Yes, we are on a crescendo, and our subscription and ad base are growing organically. Plus, our market  demo will be growing with us for the foreseeable future.

Come grow with us!

It is our goal to deliver results for your organization. Ask to meet with a sales consultant so that you can take advantage of a customized program.  


More info:

Be seen by Maine's most valuable market. The U.S. Census Bureau claims that Maine has more than 500,000 residents 50 and older. Nationally, by June 2013, 10,000 people per day will be eligible to retire. Many of these retirees, particularly in the megalopolis from Washington D.C. to Boston, will consider moving to Maine. In the past decade, retirees and those entering semi-retirement at age 50 and older, moved to Maine. We expect that in the next ten years this trend will continue.

In Maine nearly 1,000 people per month turn 65. Combine this, with the fact that health care is our largest industry and that many professionals who work with seniors read MAINE SENIORS Magazine too. WOW!

The market niche for MAINE SENIORS Magazine is adults 50-plus who are homeowners. We have done extensive market research and even the categories we cover in each issue were determined in part by our research. 

It is interesting to note that seniors 50 and over:

  • Control 70% of the nation's wealth
  • Account for 60% of all healthcare spending
  • Own 70% of all money market accounts
  • Buy 43% of all new cars and 48% of luxury cars
  • Account for 80% of all luxury travel

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