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lenDr. Len Kaye is the Director of the University of Maine Center on Aging and a professor at the University of Maine School of Social Work. Each issue, he writes about issues faced by countless seniors every day.


Sex, Love, & Intimacy: The Spice of Life

So, have I gotten your attention? I sure hope so, because I can think of no more important an activity to embrace in living a satisfying old age than nurturing your love life and your sexuality.

Here are the facts. It is important to know that:

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Making Your Voice Heard

Remember the Gray Panthers? They were real troublemakers. Sometimes I wish we had more Gray Panthers in our midst.

In August of 1970, a group of five friends in Philadelphia, PA, (all of whom were retiring from national religious and social work organizations) met to look at the common problems faced by retirees; loss of income, loss of contact with associates and loss of one of our society's most distinguishing social roles, a job.

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Planning Ahead to Make Your Home Livable

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I am not a native Mainer. Over the past 12 years since I moved to Maine I have come to love many things about this state.Bar Harbor in the fall, opening day at Gifford’s ice cream, and the way in which I was welcomed into the community even though I am “from away”. I even enjoy winter. I love the first snow fall each year and the way the trees hold the snow and frame the beautiful historic homes in residential Bangor.

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In Search of the Fountain of Youth

I am regularly asked by friends, relatives, and even strangers: Where does one need to go to drink from the fountain of youth? Being a gerontologist (someone who studies the aging process and the experience of growing old), I guess it comes with the territory. It is not surprising that people want to know the secret to a long and satisfying life free of some of the changes and challenges that inevitably accompany the process of growing older.

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