From the Porch

hunterEach issue, resident wordsmith Hunter Howe provides wit, wisdom, and reminiscence in his column From the Porch. Read on to see why Maine Seniors often turn to the back of each magazine first.


What's Your Hurry?

Eric Hoffer wrote, “The feeling of being hurried is not usually the result of living a full life and having no time. It is, rather, born of a vague fear that we are wasting our life.”

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A Place Called Camp

You won’t see this place featured on The Travel Channel. There are no major airports nearby, no tourist attractions, no fancy hotels, no crowded restaurants, no taxis, no t-shirt shops, and no night life.

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Escape from Noisyville

Hair-raising headlines in a recent edition of the Noisyville Herald warned, “Noise circuit overload.” You might scoff and say there’s no such place. You’re wrong. You see, we all live in Noisyville.

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The Abandoned House

The old abandoned house hung to the harsh hillside like an old man, frail and withered, clinging to life in a hushed hospital room. Man and house exhausted by age and time. Two souls slipping away. Yes, I believe an old house has a soul. It’s been lived in, witnessed life, breathed life. You see, like the old man, it’s had a life of its own.

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Home for Christmas

Dusk disappeared into a desperate darkness. A storm surge descended on the black silent night. Howling winds and waves of whipping snow created massive drifts and destructive havoc in the Maine hamlet. The temperature plummeted with each savage gust.

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Memories in the Mist

As we grow older, our minds often wander back in time—. It’s an addiction, in that we require a nostalgic fix, a memory journey into the past, perhaps to a simpler place in time. Like old vines, their roots deep in the soil, still producing top notch wine, certain memories invigorate our soul giving us sustenance—I call it nostalgic nourishment.

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